Porous boundaries without abandoning our differences

WCCES is embarking on a presidential search that is currently underway. I cannot say much about the candidacy process because the Search Committee is in the middle of managing the submission of nominations. As soon as it has given the all-clear, it will be necessary for us to get word out to our Saches colleagues. There is always a lot at stake with respect to this.

We have had about abstract 800 submissions for Istanbul and there remains an opportunity for Saches members to make applications. I am hearing from colleagues who are going but it doesn't seem as if we have a strong South African contingent yet. The options for getting to Istanbul are varied and apart from Turkish Air that will take one directly there from Johannesburg, flights can be had via Dubai and Cairo. I would like to encourage very strongly our members to come. It is going to be a great occasion. The theme itself has evoked a great deal of interest. I was in Chicago for the first few days of CIES and there was a lot of discussion and interest there in the 14th World Congress.
Crain Soudien

The World Congress of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES) Convenor gave a progress report on preparations for the Congress, noting that the Organizing Committee had been working for over nearly two years, and were aware that only a few more months remain. TUKED was a young society, which had been encouraged by Mark Bray at the Cuba Congress, and then by our current President Crain Soudien. The TUKED Committee had the full support of Bogaziçi University, and there is now a dedicated room for the Conference Organising Committee. Professor Gök has set up a graduate course on “Globalization and Comparative Education” with over 20 enrolled. This group is now the core student volunteer group with a variety of tasks, together with learning a theoretical course on Comparative Education and practical applications of project management, conference organisation, and planning skills for the social/cultural events of the Congress. Two co-managers have been appointed, Meral Apak and Soner Simsek. Some 60-70 students will be assisting. 

The city of Istanbul in 2010 has been designated the European Capital of Culture (ECOC), so that the Congress will benefit from a wide variety of cultural activities in the month of June. Historically and metaphorically, the theme of the congress “Bordering, Re-Bordering and New Possibilities for Change in Education and Society” represents the spirit of Istanbul in 2010.  As TUKED is the youngest member of WCCES, this Congress is a key to growing the Society.

For further information see: http://www.wcces.net/  and http://www.wcces2010.org/