Dear SACHES member,

Another year has passed, and I trust you have a prosperous year. The past few months have seen the appearance of two publications to which several SACHES members had made valuable contributions.  The first is the volume  Education in Southern Africa, C.Harber ed., which is part of the 17 volume series on education in all the countries in the world published by Bloomsbury Publishers, London. I attach hereto a flier of the book.

The second is the volume The development of higher education in Africa:Prospects and challenges, edited by Alex Wiseman and myself. This volume was published by Palgrave and is part of the series Education and Society. Particulars of this volume are on website:

In the first months of 2014, another volume of the Bloomsbury series will be launched, namely  Education in Eastern and Central Africa, edited by myself. Particulars of this volume appear on website

The proceedings of the 2012 SACHES conference (Port Elizabeth) and of the 2012 SACHES regional workshop in Namibia (University of Namibia, Rundu Campus) have been published recently, and during the first months of 2014 the proceedings of the 2013 SACHES Namibia regional workshop (University of Namibia, Katima Mulilo Campus) will be published.

The 2014 SACHES Namibia regional workshop is scheduled for the middle week of July 2014, Hifikepunye Pohamba Campus, Oshikati. It would be nice to have you there, I shall send more information in the new year. The 2014 SACHES conference  will probably take place at the  Blue Waters Hotel, Durban, 11-13 Aug 2014, theme: Education and Development Within a Neo-liberal Economic Climate; running back to back with the SAERA conference, scheduled for 14-15 August Elangeni Hotel, Durban.

We have an invitation from the University of Namibia to host the 2015 SACHES conference. I am excited about that possibility, but of course the new executive, to be elected at the 2014 SACHES conference will take a final decision re the 2015 conference.

The WCCES (World Council of Comparative Education Societies) principals are planning to bring out a volume paying tribute to former South African president Nelson Mandela. From our side SACHES member prof Crain Soudien is in communication with them re this project. It seems as if the idea is to launch this volume at the next World Conference, 2016 in Beijing. As soon as a chapter call is out, I shall forward to you.

My term as president and that of the other exec members expire at the next conference. So I wish to request you to look for and to think about the next president and members for the exec committee, and also to make yourself available.

Finally, I wish to wish you, where appropriate, a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2014.

Yours faithfully,
Prof. C.C. Wolhuter
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Prof. C.C. Wolhuter
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