Dear SACHES member,

SACHES has just had a memorable 2011 conference at  Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort in the outskirts of Kampala City, Uganda. We have broken new ground and have some 14 new members in Uganda and Kenya.

At the BGM I was elected president of SACHES for the next term (2011-2013). I have been involved in SACHES  since its inception in 1991.

For me it is an honour to serve as president, and with your assistance I want to take the organisation forward . With me in the core executive are prof Harold Herman (vice-president), Carol Bertram (secretary), Petro van Niekerk (treasurer) , and Thobeka Mda (editor of SACHES e-newsletter). On the wider executive they are joined by Aslam Fataar (editor of Southern African Review of Education), Betty Akullo Ezati (Uganda), Itumeleng Mekoa (Eastern Cape, South Africa), Chika Muyebaa (South Africa), Mary Ntabeni (Lesotho) and Kostas Karras (Greece).

I have been involved in SACHES since its inception in 1991, and I am well aware that I shall probably be the last president hailing from these very
beginnings- after me a new generation will have to take over.

As I explained in Uganda, I shall attempt to do the following on my watch:

-Prof Herman and me have for a long time had a pipe dream to begin a third publication leg in SACHES (besides the journal and the conference proceedings), a book series much like the one CIES has with Emerald Books, which prof Alex Wieseman is editing. A book series with a African, particularly a Southern African focus, but definitely not limited Africa or Southern Africa, will give SACHES member  a publication forum and an opportunity to network with colleagues elsewhere in the world, both sorely needed.

- I shall begin to make contact with the other Comparative Education society in Africa- AFRICE. I have had informal talks with some of their principals during the CIES conference in Montreal in May. They are also keen on establishing contact with us.  I am of the view that a joint conference between the two organisations in two or four years time is not a bad idea.

-I shall attempt to strengthen, in some cases establish   contact  with and strengthen our membership among our colleagues in Lusophone and Francophone Southern Africa. Over a number of years I have been having, for example, contact with prof Wenceslas Nzabilirwa in Rwanda and prof Hermenegilde Rwantabagu in Burundi. Both have written chapters in books which I have edited. A SACHES conference in one of these two countries in two or four years time may also not be a bad idea.

-To sustain momentum in many of parts of the SACHES regions, I shall attempt to persuade some members to organise, in addition to our annual conference, regional workshops. I have spoken very tentatively with some colleagues in Namibia, Zambia and Uganda.

These are my suggestions to take SACHES forward during the next few years. Of course, I shall welcome your suggestions and comments re the above.

I shall keep you posted through the SACHES e-news. Thobeka Mda has kindly volunteered to take over the job of editor. She will attempt to bring out a next SACHES e-news during October, and I want to request you to send to her any newsworthy items to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Re the 2012 conference, following historical patters, we shall attempt to run back-to-back with the 2012 KENTON conference, which means the conference is likely to take place during the first week of November 2012, in the northern parts of South Africa.  Once KENTON has had their AGM at their 2011 conference, end of October 2011, and they have take a decision re their 2012 conference, the SACHES  executive will take a decision on the 2012 SACHES conference. I shall keep you posted.

Yours faithfully,

Prof. C.C. Wolhuter
Vakvoorsitter: Vergelykende Opvoedkunde en Onderwysteorie Fakulteit Opvoedingswetenskappe Skool vir Opvoedkunde
Tel: +27 (0)18 299 1881
Faks: +27 (0)18 299 4712